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The Meaning Behind "Civil War" by Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses was too many a hard-rock band with plenty of songs about their debauched lifestyle spent on the Sunset Strip and one ballad, “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” However, it was “Civil War” that showed the group could construct rock epics…
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Beyond the Gloom: Best Doom Metal Albums of All Time

Doom metal is the slowed-down, pitched-down, doom-obsessed genre that worshippers of Black Sabbath nurtured and developed. It’s the soundtrack to the universe slowly grinding itself into dust. The genre quickly expanded beyond mere attention-grabbing formulas. Some of…
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Bear Within Us and Romanie reviewed

Bear Within Us – Devil’s Day Genre: Hard-rock, Heavy-metal Bear Within Us brings a modern, confrontational style to their brand of alt-metal predicated on grooves and powerful vocals. Hard rock was, for a very long-time, the most popular music…
Alternative History

Korn Albums Ranked: See You on the Other Side

Korn impacted pop culture and rock music just as much as Nirvana did. In mere months after the release of Korn’s debut record, playing a 7-string guitar and wearing Adidas tracksuits had become the norm. The band created nu-metal, countless imitators and, best still…
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All of this or none: Matt C. White and Life In Vacuum

Life In Vacuum – Hugo Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Emo Songs are a terrible place for secrets. If you’re really lucky, everyone in the world will find out what they are. Despite all of this, songwriters are known to inject all of their own with their most…