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Secret colours: Eddie Berman and Majak Door reviewed

Majak Door – Smoke In The Air Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Lo-fi Rock Of course, by the time a band finally gets enough success for big publications to consider it warranted to write about them they are viewed only within one light. They are a dirty rock band. They…
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Secret heartache: Dana and the Wolf and Moviola reviewed

Moviola – Go With You Genre: Indie Folk, Americana, Slowcore Bob Dylan is often asked about his talent for songwriting. To what does he attribute it? How does he maintain it? How can others learn to do the same? While he usually gives playful answers meant to…
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Darkness, still: Jane Leo and Kitner reviewed

Kitner – Junebug Genre: Folk, Indie Rock, Emo I have a theory, among many other silly thoughts, that you can’t truly begin to fully enjoy modern music until you’ve spent a night alone, in the cold, lost and broken-hearted with a song ringing through…