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Graffiti Welfare - Revolving Shores

When is the last time that you really dreamed? Sure, everyone experiences it as a passive action once they close their eyes and go to sleep. But Graffiti Welfare’s album “Revolving Shores” invites listeners to actively seek out their past, relive it through dreams and…
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Good daze: Eleni Drake and Allie Crow Buckley

Allie Crow Buckley – Cowboy In London Genre: Indie Pop, Dream Pop The people suffering from a true records collector disease view places differently. No, not their home street. That one looks just about the same any day. Instead, they rely on the mythology…
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Emotional blender: The Goldhearts and Zack Keim

Zack Keim – Alice Genre: Garage Rock, Folk It’s hard to listen to a style of music and pretend that you’ve never heard anything like it, just like it’s hard to watch a movie and not compare it to films with the same style and motifs. Face it, most of us…

Winter sun: The Mellons and Flying Rabbit review

Flying Rabbit – Oslo Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Alt Pop There are few areas in the world that make more convincing, psychedelic, nature-inspired music than the Northern European countries. This is not, as some might believe, a choice but rather a necessity. With so…