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Plan B: Fake Magic and Color Palette

Color Palette – Dreams Similar artists: Slowdive, Ride, My Bloody Valentine Genre: Shoegaze It’s never too late to start trusting music again. I know it’s hard! Whatever kind of genre might have captured your heart, I’m pretty sure it abused that trust a…
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Slippery people: Jaws the Shark & Good Scout reviewed

Good Scout – Break There’s music meant to work merely on your imagination, delivering a message and, perhaps, helping convince you of the importance of certain issues. The 60s folkies were especially effective in this regard.  There are other styles…
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Errorr - Wrong Direction (Review)

Somewhere in the mid-1980s, the groups that would later be labelled as shoegaze were keen to throw away out the book on music production. Instead, they were concerned with creating Phil Spectoreque walls of sound with feedback and noise used as bricks and mortar of their…