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Joseon and High Brian Reviewed

Joseon – Burning Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock Many of us are forced to spend years confined in an edutation system that’s desperate to fill up our minds with details. Most of us, next, spend the rest of our lives trying to empty our…
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With Clenched Fists: GNASHERS and Planeetta 9 Reviews

Planeetta 9 – Kuolleet vain muistaa Similar artists: HIM, Ghost, Mastodon Genre: Stoner Rock Planeetta 9 tread bravely where other Northern European groups have trodden before, but the results are just as fun and anthemic.  Bombastic rock music and horror…
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All of this or none: Matt C. White and Life In Vacuum

Life In Vacuum – Hugo Genre: Punk, Post-Punk, Emo Songs are a terrible place for secrets. If you’re really lucky, everyone in the world will find out what they are. Despite all of this, songwriters are known to inject all of their own with their most…
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Top 14 Stoner Rock Albums of All Time

Stoner rock is to Black Sabbath what Thai kickboxing is to the pugilistic arts, a more violent, direct, and menacing descendant. The music style takes its listeners on a slow, violent journey. It has produced utterly memorable albums. The very best of these records have…
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Gutter swamp: Caged Wolves and The Trash Crawlers

The Trash Crawlers – Red Leather Genre: Punk, Surf Rock, Garage Rock Similar artists: Amyl and the Sniffers, Ty Segall, Surfbort, The Chats, Fidlar, Bikini Kill People constantly complain about the type of entertainment with which they are involved. Usually…