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Cult jolt: Takeover and Passiflorez reivew

Takeover and Passiflorez reivew

Pasiflorez – Passion Flower

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Skinshape, Allah las, Holy Wave

Not to get into all that Morrisseyanism, but the world is a pretty boring, miserable place most of the time. This is felt, in particular, by people who possess great creative powers and no real idea of how to use them. For them, the world drags on at a snail’s pace. 

People join cults, rock bands, or even book clubs with the promise of finding a new world. It’s not just the promise of exploration. It’s also the vague notion that once the journey is over, they will have found something meaningful. Some of them are lucky enough to realize that the journey is really the most important part of the equation. 

Pasiflorez are the young creatives promising a new world on their rock-exotica of Passion Flower. They are not yet starting a cult, but their brand of garage psychedelia certainly echoes the days when even former members of the Beatles might be willing to trade in their Rolls Royce for a chat with a guru. There’s hope in what Pasiflorez are offering and sometimes this is exactly what the world needs. 

Takeover – Nicotine

Genre: Alternative-rock

Most of us are looking for a quick fix. Before the modern world had built so many ways to offer us this, rock n’ roll was one of the few suppliers. The addictive factor was only helped by the fact that this was a place that was always open, the entrance was cheap, and the thrills kept on coming. 

Many of the best rock bands provide just that. The best guitar and drum combos are the shot of adrenaline that many fans of this music need to keep their days on track. These are not bands looking to change the world. Their fans aren’t looking for that either. They’re all in it for a wink, a smile, and a quick rush. 

Takeover want nothing more than to create an immediate, infectious rocking time with their single Nicotine. This is a celebration of all the bad ideas that rock has to offer and all the great places where they might have taken fans. Takeover are old-school rockers that roll up their sleeves and provide the tunes fans brought up on rock radio can understand. 

Pasiflorez - Passion Flower


Takeover - Nicotine




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