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Nowhere men: Tal Arditi and The Legends reviews

Tal Arditi and The Legends reviews

The Legends – For Love

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Indie Pop

There’s an old, famous adage about the funniest comedians, in reality, being the most miserable human beings. For those familiar with the biographies of some of the world’s most famous humorists, the old saying rings true. Call it one of nature’s little jokes. It’s misery and entertainment brought together. 

The very same logic applies to some of the sweetest, purest sounding melodies with which music-lovers have been spoiled. In the arena of pop music, there is no nation that has offered more than Sweden. It’s strange that such sunshine-drenched music would come out of a country where locals describe good weather as a day in which only 23 hours are dominated by rain and snow. 

The Legends’ For Love is imbued with such pure melodies that one can’t help but assume that the writer has either spent their life in a perpetual state of innocence or has struck a sinister deal with forces of evil. Either way, it is an uncanny, striking sound. Occasionally, music has the power to stop you in your tracks and reduce everything around you to unimportant background noise. This is what The Legends are able to achieve here. 

Tal Arditi – I Will Fly Away

Similar artists: Jose Gonzalez, Ben Howard, Blake Milles, Radiohead, Mdou Moctar

Genre: Indie Rock

If you’re an aspiring songwriter, you should never underestimate the intelligence and level of sophistication of your audience. Yes, surely it is true that terrible, disposable entertainment is the one to reach the highest number of people. It’s also true that this is the kind of work that earns fortunes and fame for the people involved. 

However, the world is wide, and when it comes to serious art, there are always those anxious to seek it out.  Most importantly, the majority of these people have experienced art and entertainment in such a wide variety of ways that they will know, or think that they know, exactly what makes for good or bad entertainment. This is not mere arrogance, either. Once you have been exposed to hundreds of records, books, or movies, you are entitled to have an opinion, and it will, most likely, be an informed one. 

Tal Arditi’s I will fly away is confessional singer-songwriter material made for a sophisticated, demanding audience. This is not music that simply relies on the beauty of the vocals or the good decisions made when it comes to the production process, although it could. It’s music that is built with care and that requires attention and a certain level of commitment from the audience. It’s music made for those that are able to appreciate it. 

The Legends - For Love


Tal Arditi - I Will Fly Away




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