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Talkless and Gabriel Lucas Music Reviewed

Talkless and Gabriel Lucas Music Reviewed

Talkless – Farewell

You don’t just start yelling at someone and call it alternative rock. Actually, most modern bands take that approach, and they get the fans that they deserve. The more clever ones, like Talkless, know that acquiring an audience is a process of seduction in the same way that acquiring a date for Saturday night is. 

Plus, there’s a grand ol’ reemergence of these values. Deftones or The Cure have exploded into public consciousness once again. It’s been social media that has given these legacy bands such a powerful push. The sultry but spooky dynamics of these bands’ music is what appeals to rock fans looking to be eased into a horror story rather than pushed. 

Talkless’ “Farewell” embraces a romantic horror style and the dynamics of alternative rock. It’s music that moves from a faint whisper to loud, pummeling modern rock sounds. It’s captivating in the same way that a gorgeous stranger asking you to follow them down a darkened, unpaved alley might be. It’s rock for those in need of some mystery in their lives. 

Gabriel Lucas Music – Sleepless Dream

Similar artists: Opeth, Steven Wilson, Sleep Token, Deftones, A Perfect Circle

Genre: Progressive Metal / Djent, Progressive Rock

As you sit glued to your office chair or the rigid bus-stop bench, there are likely a million other things that you’d rather be doing. Your mind craves some stimulation, a bit of variety, and, perhaps, just a little bit of danger. There are plenty of strange ways to try and acquire those, but complex prog-metal such as the one made by Gabriel Lucas may be one of the most reliable. 

It’s difficult to describe the sensations of spinning, falling or flying. Yet, anyone with a strong enough imagination can draw out these images in their own mind. Music is just one of the tools, and perhaps the one that works easiest, in helping us summon those sensations at will. 

Gabriel Lucas Music’s “Sleepless Dream” is a complex prog-metal sound that works using texture and emotion as its main emotion-provoking devices. The lead guitar work will bring to mind the virtuoso players of metal. Meanwhile, the undercurrent of anger might have you thinking of 90s alt-metal bands. Regardless, “Sleepless Dream” works best when you let yourself be drawn into it. 

Talkless - Farewell


Gabriel Lucas Music - Sleepless Dream




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