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As the hook goes: Tayls and As The Kids Say

Tayls and As The Kids Say

As The Kids Say – Backseat Junkie

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Your most fun friends are very unlikely to do anything memorable in their lives. It’s a great tragedy, perhaps, and it might take you a while to accept it. But your bros with which you spent your summer holidays drinking beer are usually ill-equipped to face actual responsibilities. 

It’s not that they don’t have great ideas. Well, take most teenagers, get them drunk or stoned for the first time, and they will produce the kind of wisdom to rival French existentialist philosophy. 

The fact is that most fun experiences don’t end up making you richer or healthier or guarantee connections on which you’ll lean on as you strategically plot your way to the top. But what if it could be different?

As The Kids Say’s Backseat Junkie sounds like someone playing a trick on the myriad of Weezer fans. Yes, there might be a lot of bands that trade in these kinds of power-pop melodies. But how many sound like they’ve recorded themselves by mistake and like they’re on their way to your birthday party? As The Kids Say’s brand of pop aims low but really wallops the target. 

Tayls – Nightmare

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Genre: Indie Pop

I know that your favorite Tik Tok star is also developing a career as a pop star. But, do you know what they’ll end up needing if they wish to entertain this fantasy for a long time? They’ll be needing some songs. 

That’s tough luck for most. This is a surprising thing if you really think about it. As we speak, the music industry employs tens of thousands of professional songwriters. They can write a rhumba tune about acid reflux, technically. But can they make it any good?  

Aye, there’s the rub. Every movie about a band about to succeed and earn great acclaim has one moment repeating endlessly. Someone, preferably a member of the band, comes up with a great song. It’s just a matter of hanging on to your hats from them upward. 

Tayls’ Nightmare is a song written by some of the best guitar-pop bands of all time. You’ve heard a bunch. It should be easy to come up with one. But it isn’t. Most writers or AI services can’t do it. The Tayls just did and if they managed to replicate this kind of success long enough, they should be sipping champagne in the dressing rooms below the big arenas soon enough. 

As The Kids Say - Backseat Junkie


Tayls - Nightmare




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