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Lost and Found: Telos vision and Sauna Senere Reviewed

Telos vision and Sauna Senere Reviewed

Sauna Senere – Banker

Similar artists: Søn, Joe & The Shitboys, pære banal, bar italia, Squid

Genre: Post-Punk, Pop Punk, Indie Rock

Everybody writes songs about madmen, lovers, and eccentrics. Sure, these people are spectacular. Everybody wants to learn more about them. But what about the folks that nobody bothers thinking about enough to write them a song? What about the bankers, insurance agents, and geography teachers? Sauna Senere are taking a stab at chronicling white color jobs through the medium of melancholy-touched indie-rock. 

If you are not familiar with Danish, and chances are most likely that you are not, do not worry. We live in a world that is connected by news and stories, by joy and sadness. And, well, the sadness of affluent but empty existence is one that most of us will know, and some of us a little too intimately. 

Sauna Senere’s “Banker” is a song that is split between sluggish vocal chants and manic indie-rock. They seem to evoke the two types of emotions that are part of a white-collar employer’s day – the boredom and the panic. There’s a great anguish to it all, but also compassion captured in the vocals. When it comes to these sorts of stories, a bit of empathy is all that you can hope for, really. 

Telos vision – On The Line

Similar artists: Kevin Morby, Kurt Vile, Woods, Ty Segall

Genre: Jangle Pop, Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock

The world rarely loves poets and musicians for being able to tell stories about the world as it really is. The world loves them when they tell tales of the world as it should – in full, natural balance. These stories can be told in a variety of ways, but sounds may just be the best tool to evoke the harmony of that dreamed universe. Telos vision is looking for that harmony and looking to share it with us in full power-pop form. 

It doesn’t take a genius to let you know about all the varied ways in which the world and all of us in it are on a road to oblivion. There are problems everywhere you look. Furthermore, almost all of us are programmed to notice and signal the things the worst things about our lives. Hopefulness takes a bit of talent. It also comes accompanied by a deep melancholy. 

Telos vision’s “On The Line” is power-pop music that sounds like an unlikely Summer rain over the Saharan desert. It’s music that seems to have been created in seclusion out in the wilderness. But the pleasant melodies and 60esque instrumentation are enough to get hopeful, to believe that the best is yet to come, and take a sneak peek around the corner. 

Sauna Senere - Banker


Telos vision - On The Line




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