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Terror power-pop: New music reviews – September 2020

Pseudo Cool - Wrong

Pseudo Cool – Wrong

1977 power chords, fast beats, and lyrics about daily struggles are the punk rock formula that has never really been bettered as far as many are concerned. Pseudo Cool pour their impressions of the local dating scene into a two-chord ditty a la the Buzzcocks. 

Wrong” is catchy and attractive, like a virus inflicting damage on a small community of club-goers. In many ways that’s what the tune is about, with the singer talking about endorsing a relationship as long as both participants are aware that things are going amiss. 

Pseudo Cool sound like the kids who thought about forming a group like the Ramones, did and wrote some nifty songs. More should follow in this example!

Generation - Suicidal Champagne

Generation – Suicidal Champagne

Generation sound like Oasis on their first drive outside of Manchester. Giddy, aggressive and ready to fill their pockets with tough melodies regardless of source, this is not a group of individuals who have succumbed to feelings of apathy. 

Musically, they sound like aforementioned Mancunians reunited and starting listening to early Cage the Elephant records. Gang backing vocals accompany the choruses with the teenagers doing their best to inflate the sound of this record as much as it can before it bleeds open. 

You can never know what a man armed with ambition, a guitar and a decent set of melodies is going to end up doing. For that reason, better keep an ear out for these lads. 

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