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That’s What You Deserve: The Bearskins and DOWNGIRL Review 

The Bearskins and DOWNGIRL Review


Genre: Punk, Alternative Rock

DOWNGIRL practice the art of detached coolness, a rare trick in the world of dynamic, angry punk-rock. 

Adult-theed cartoons have never been more popular. But, then again, the world has never appeared more cartoonish. The global issues that the world has encountered in recent years are best viewed as a strange parody of life itself. If one didn’t try to see the humour in it, surely, it would be too sad to face. 

Beyond plagues, natural disasters, and wars, we also have to face each other. That’s never been more difficult. People are more self-obsessed than they’ve ever been. Their intentions are never easy to read. And, somehow, we’re all expected to get by and make friends. 

DOWNGIRL have written their push for the big-time “Boys,” like National Geographic reporters being sent into the jungle. The punk-rock foursome is confused but hoping to catch their subjects as naturally as possible. “Boys” is not so much an anthem as it may be billed, as a genuine gasp of surprise at just how the world works. 

The Bearskins – Every King Must Fall

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Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock

The Bearskins stand for the little guy and for Eastern-European flavoured folk-punk, quite a mighty combination. 

Rock n’ roll is the music for the common man. But if you’ve forgotten about that, you may be excused. Few of the successful rock bands around have made any effort to remind you. The ideal for any pop star has been, for years, one involving unbelievable riches and a plethora of potential romantic partners. 

Yes, it’s hard to feel that you’re represented by these sorts of characters. Luckily, there are alternatives. There are people who have taken up guitars and various other instruments and who write their songs about inequality and about caring for others. They represent the rock spirit even if mainstream media is unlikely to pay them just as much attention as their rivals who parade their wealth. 

The Bearskins’ “Every King Must Fall” is a well-intended folk-punk about pride, disconnect and these vices’ inevitable failure. Musically, this recalls the groups that mix punk energy with acoustic instrumentation and Balkanic grooves. It’s all a recipe that fits well with a mission to represent the downtrodden. 



The Bearskins - Every King Must Fall




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