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The BJ Bevy and Jeff Washington Reviewed

The BJ Bevy and Jeff Washington Reviewed

Jeff Washington – Goodbye Mr. Beck

Similar artists: Jeff Beck

Genre: Blues, Jazz Fusion

There haven’t been a lot of guitarists throughout history who could simply touch a six-string and make it ring out in an entirely unique way. Jeff Beck was one of those few, and Jeff Washington delivered a proper send-off to the great man. 

Originality has never been less prized in the music industry. Neither has musicianship. Downloading whole instrumental sections and using them in songs has become the norm. Even the days of shamelessly using samples seem like a time of abundant creativity. 

Learning to properly play your instrument is a concern to only a select few musicians. Those who are able to express their deepest feelings in this way are truly a rare bunch. Perhaps the problem is that we hear more music than ever before but rarely really listen to it. 

Jeff Washington has been moved by the passing of one of the greatest musical heroes of the past decades. “Goodbye Mr. Beck” isn’t just an example of virtuoso playing. It is an emotional send-off to someone who, like Washington, possessed something akin to a magic touch, someone who needs to be heard in order to be felt. 

The BJ Bevy – Honey, Why I Treat You So Wrong?

Similar artists: Eagles Of Death Metal, Kyuss, Viagra Boys

Genre: Blues, Southern Rock, Garage Rock

The BJ Bevy sound like folks who want really, really hard to fall in with the wrong crowd and document their way down. 

Like wrestling, rock n’ roll is full of heels. Just how entertaining would rock music be without a few antiheroes? And, the more extreme, the more determined to show just how rotten their behaviour is, the more we enjoy ourselves. But the greatest villains need a good origins story. 

The BJ Bevy don’t sound like the kind of people who’ve been born to do wrong. Sure, they get a kick out of it. Who wouldn’t? But it takes them a lot of effort to learn the ways of the ones destined for damnation. The BJ Bevy would have no problem selling their souls to the horned one himself, but would anyone be interested? 

The blues-rock extravaganza of “Honey, Why I Treat You So Wrong?” is meant to show just what lows The BJ Bevy will stoop to convince us all that they’re mad, bad, and dangerous to know. While they may have a way before being able to prove themselves entirely, one thing is clear: the devil likes a good boogie, and this band is able to produce just that when required. 

Jeff Washington - Goodbye Mr. Beck


The BJ Bevy - Honey, Why I Treat You So Wrong?




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