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Too tough to cry: The Brouhaha and Nerd Neck review

The Brouhaha and Nerd Neck review

Nerd Neck – Driver

Genre: Noise Rock, Hard Rock, Garage Rock

Similar artists: Nirvana, Lady Pills, Jack White, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney

Nerd Neck make punk-rock that sounds like waking up from a fever dream on their single Driver.

Folks like Charlie Chaplin made sure that they lost each and every time that there was a camera on them. It didn’t matter that they could win in all other areas of life. Success had nothing to do with letting the audience feel that they were smarter than the character that they were watching. People admire very successful people and love the ones that fail. But, their love only goes so far before it turns into envy. 

Kurt Cobain smashed his guitar routinely, played the wrong notes to extremely simple solos, and had no qualms about speaking of experiences that others would have kept hidden. Upon his death, he was treated as a martyr. This happened because he wrote songs that were good, but, especially because he hid his numerous qualities and made himself appear to be no different than you or me. 

These are the kinds of people that end up being on posters on people’s walls. Folks like Boston’s Nerd Neck. Driver is the sound of people that have inhabited the same place the same musical space for too long to remember. They’ve mastered the art of truth-telling, humility, and pummeling punk-rock. They’re the folks that others will want to be like. 

The Brouhaha – Fear No Evil

Genre: Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Listen, up, you’re listening to music because of the thrill, instant gratification, easy to get the satisfaction that it offers you. Either that or you’re studying to become a music professor, in which case I hope that your carefully organized Frank Zappa collection helps you find what you’re looking for! 

Even if you’re out for cheap thrills, like most of the rest of us, there’s a limit to where and how far you can go. All sensory information can and will, eventually, cause an overload. You can’t eat too much ice cream, have too much sex, do too many drugs, or, even listen to rock music non-stop. Those who claim otherwise must be degenerate liars. 

This is the reason why it’s best to save those punches that rock can supply.  For the kind of music that whips you across the room and makes you do solitary tribal dances in your living room, why not choose The Brouhaha’s Fear No Evil. It sounds like a more, and just as demented version of Suicidal Tendencies. The tune makes the kind of noise you might expect from a hungry toddler. It should help scratch the rock itch just when you most need it. 

Nerd Neck - Driver


The Brouhaha - Fear No Evil




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