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The Carolyn and Cheerless reviewed

The Carolyn and Cheerless

The Carolyn – Harmful History

Similar artists: New Junk City, Tired Radio, Timeshares, Captain Asshole, Catapults

Genre: Skate Punk, Punk, Pop Punk

The Carolyn dig deep, open up their wounds and pour some salt onto them in order to reach the pop-punk sound that they’re chasing. 

Normal people don’t share their feelings often. And, they certainly do strive to go in front of numerous people to share them there. If they can, they keep to themselves. If they’re to be considered pillars of society, they try to attract as little attention to them as possible. 

This is the first problem that artists, especially songwriters, run into. Not only do they need to go in front of people and entertain them. They also need to present their deepest fears and joys and hope that the audience feels the same way as they do. Of course, they can just write songs about cars and girls, but even those sink or swim are based on the artists’ earnestness. 

The Carolyn’s “Harmful History” is brutally honest pop-punk that’s still fresh with tears and screams. A lot of modern pop-punk that’s been so successful recently attempts to be as emotional, but, unlike this, usually delivers corny stories that could be about anyone. Besides this, The Carolyn deliver the hooks and the powerful energy that fans of this style rightfully expect from their heroes. 

Cheerless – 003

Similar artists: my bloody valentine, Slowdive, Ride, Lush, bdrmm

Genre: Shoegaze, Post Rock, Alternative Rock

Cheerless’ debut, “003,” is guitar-drenched alt-rock floating to us from the very same river of dreams that gave us some of the genre’s best works. 

There are few styles of music designed to produce an actual physical sensation. Dubstep and shoegaze are two of the ones where just lying in front of speakers blasting out these sorts of tunes ought to produce something in your body. It’s that special kind of rattle that resembles a therapeutic massage. 

The name “shoegaze” may not be appropriate, but it’s the best with which we can work. Why are many musicians and listeners so committed to these types of sounds? Well, they like dreaming for a start. And rather than force them out of their heads, shoegaze pushes them further into the stream of their own imagination. That’s pretty nifty. 

Cheerless’ “003” is unashamedly music to be blasted at 3 a.m. while lying in a field and looking at the start. Most people won’t even have the time to do this. However, the ones that will rely on Cheerless’ wall of melting guitar noise and whispered vocals might find their world enhanced. This is music for and about dreaming.  

The Carolyn - Harmful History


Cheerless - 003




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