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To know oneself: The Churchhill Garden and Dino Archon reviews

The Churchhill Garden and Dino Archon reviews

Dino Archon – Dream No More

Genre: Blues, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Nick Cave, Hozier, The Heavy, U2, Peter Gabriel, Sting, Two Feet

The major movie productions have done a colossal amount for the success of rock music. It all started in the 1960s when some directors had the clever idea of using contemporary songs. By the 1990s, Hollywood had gone back to old pop numbers as a way of enhancing the experience, giving an extra detail about the plot, or simply letting audiences hear their favorite tunes. 

The results of all of these can’t be underestimated. Nowadays, most of us hear songs and instinctively imagine them as part of a soundtrack to the kind of music that we would like to see. We do that, however, only if they are good. You see, movies have made reality a lot more interesting, tense, and worth soundtracking. 

Dino Archon’s Dream No More takes the tricks used by some of today’s music luminaries and goes on to soundtrack the biggest modern Western of the year. It matters little if this movie exists or if it does not. Archon finds the right mix between familiarity and poetic experimentation to have you see the scenes vividly. Some songs feel like they have always existed, and this is one of them. 

The Churchhill Garden – Always There

Similar artists: Shoegaze, Dream Pop, Alternative Rock

Genre: The Chameleons, The Cure, U2, LUSH, Slowdive, Cocteau Twins

When it comes to rock music, the mood of the bands making it usually shifts from loving to angry and back again. In fact, you can trace the majority of the important trends throughout pop music since its inception as a variation of these two types of feelings. Each new generation of bands has had the tendency to deny and denounce what their predecessors had made. 

This is the reason why its inappropriate to use terms such as The Love Generation, The Flower Children, or The Summer of Love. Each decade has featured a variation of this, groups demanding that the world return back to the ideals of cooperation, friendship, and unity. And, each time, some of these groups have embraced tenderness as their weapon of choice. 

The Churchhill Garden’s Always There is an embrace of hippie ideals and the sonic blueprint of late 1980s British guitar-pop. Do they mean it? Is their almost Christian message of love and unity all an act? We’re willing to bet that this kind of peaceful easy feeling is hard to counterfeit and that even fewer would be willing to engage in this in the year 2022. So, perhaps, take them at their word. Sit back and let those troubles wash over you. 

Dino Archon - Dream


The Churchhill Garden - Always There




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