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The Couch Cult – “The Couch Cult EP” Reviewed

The Couch Cult’s debut EP is a meditation on the joys and perils of a life spent in endless dreaming. It’s not quite the sudden jolt back to reality, but the minute right before that happens. 

The 1960s continue to hold a tremendous fascination among most creative people. As far as pop culture is concerned, the period is responsible for the most advancements in modern history. But where has that all left us? The Couch Cult are digging deep to find the truth about a post-hippie world, and they don’t sound like they’re entirely convinced about buying in. 

The optimism soon to be followed by the inevitable letdown rings through on the dream “Psilo.” An anthem to chemical experimentation in a bid to attain spiritual freedom, “Psilo” captures that niggling doubt over whether such journeys end up leading the willing participants. 

What did it do for the hippies anyway? Many sacrificed themselves as acid victims, and the rest became enlighted capitalists. The grungey “Woodstock ‘99” focuses on the latter and the violent fever that was the end-of-the-century festival. 

But The Couch Cult trio hasn’t bought in yet. The lack of desire for full commitment is best heard in the vocal mix. The beautifully resonant vocals float over the instrumental parts like mist. There’s nothing holding this sound down and nothing burdening the musicians until they’ve had a chance to sing on the dotted line. 

Their signature, however, is sought after. “Tragedy” is a song about failed relationships. But it could just as well be a tune about growing up and getting to pick between unfulfilling responsibilities and journeying on toward something else. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, at least not if you set your mind to it. “Smile, Baby” is the most ear-pleasing tune on the EP. The psych-pop song introduces optimism in a musical work filled with doubt, in the same way, that we’re tasked to introduce happiness in a world full of sadness. 

Are The Couch Cult ready to become modern hippies? Judging by the EP’s closer, “Synthetic,” they are yet to be convinced even though the past weighs smile broadly from the corner of the picture frame. 

The Couch Cult’s debut is a charming, dreamy, poppish set of songs about going out into the world with nothing but the hope that there will be enough out there to warrant some love for it. 

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