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Nothing, unless it’s summer: The Creepy Crawlies and The Chugs

The Creepy Crawlies and The Chugs

The Chugs – Sky Blue Waters

Similar artists: FIDLAR, Bass Drum of Death, Wine Lips, Death Lens, PUP

Genre: Skate Punk, Punk, Pop-Punk

Most bands make music believing that they’ll be judged by others. That’s why they attempt to make their lyrics sound very smart. That’s nice, but it’s unlike that a Pulitzer laureate or their high-school English teachers will bother listening to their music. 

They write sulky songs that express a deep philosophical yearning to find the true meaning of life. But neither true bastards nor philosophy students are likely to listen to their music. 

In other words, most people are too afraid to make a bad impression to dare to be crass, silly, and stupid. Believe it or not, these things tend to make music smarter. Just listen to Ramones

The Chugs sound like they’ve missed the summer and have a beer and bloody murder on their mind on “Sky Blue Waters.” Best of all, they’re not trying to disguise any of that. 

The lead and backing vocals pile on top of each other like uncoordinated cheerleaders doing a stunt. And the instruments ring out as if they’re being played by people that have heard of recording studios merely through stories. It’s great!

The Creepy Crawlies – Every Little Thing

Similar artists: Vampire Weekend, The Kinks, of Montreal, Generationals

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Think rich, grow rich! Or, in the case of rock bands, sound big, grow big! If sleazy rock n’ roll biographies have taught me everything is that a band’s mindset can well be the one thing separating it from everlasting glory. That and, of course, don’t let Keith Richard hold on to your luggage before entering Customs. 

While there is certainly a market for oldie rock, certainly more people are looking for sounds that fit snuggly into their life in 2023. They are looking for modern-sounding tunes with the emotional depth that the greats used to deliver. Can you blame them? 

The Creepy Crawlies’ “Every Little Thing” is, at its core, a tune that could’ve made the Hit Parade back in 1966. But it also benefits from a wonderfully polished exterior that can make it a hit in 2023. 

The instrumental is sleek and quirky. The vocals sound recorded to be heard by millions. And with that kind of goal in mind, not much can stand in The Creepy Crawlies’ way. It’s too late to change the name, right?

The Chugs - Sky Blue Waters


The Creepy Crawlies - Every Little Thing




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