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Modern retro: The Dead Daisies and SMILEZ

The Dead Daisies and SMILEZ

SMILEZ – Right Turn, Left Turn

Similar artists: Machine Gun Kelly, Oliver Tree, Lil Peep

Genre: Alternative Rock

In a world in which musical artists struggle to find their place, SMILEZ knows precisely what audiences he is hoping to impress. 

In 2023, there are only two ways for an artist to earn a large audience. They neither need to look forward nor travel backward. Each of these involves a risk, sure. But to follow trends is more akin to walking a tightrope than we’d like to imagine. 

The oldie-goldie retro sounds are never going to disappear completely. But trends are a hit or miss. Some may revolutionize music as we know it. At the same time, the majority will disappear without a trace leaving even their most ardent fans scratching their heads over what it all meant. 

SMILEZ’s “Right Turn, Left Turn” is designed to appeal to the emo-rap and pop-punk hybrid that has been tremendously popular globally over the past 24 months. The music certainly quotes the artist’s biggest influences, such as Machine Gun Kelly. 

But a style that has earned so many fans also needs new stars and flashy personalities. More than anything, this is what SMILEZ attempts to do here. If this was a call-up for a pop-punk-trap show, he’d get the part, most likely. 

The Dead Daisies – Make Some Noise

Genre: Hard Rock, Classic Rock

The Dead Daisies are back with a new single, and, as ever, they are relying on competent musicianship and volume to get the job done. 

Say what you will about playing classic hard rock in 2023, but the entry curve is placed on a mighty steep hill. In order to climb to it, you’ll need to purchase expensive instruments, learn to play them through hours of practice, and then outdo the numerous others that are doing the same. 

In many ways, now, playing classic rock is not dissimilar to choosing to play jazz back in the 1960s. It requires a good deal of effort and financial risk. And in order to get noticed, musicians need to be proper wizards. 

The Dead Daisies are a hard-rock supergroup that’s largely won over fans of this style of music through their undoubted abilities and their uncharacteristic enthusiasm. 

“Make Some Noise” may be a tune toying around with classic rocking phrases, but it’s delivered with honest enthusiasm where most supergroups are content with merely chasing their check. 

Above it all, for all the slack he might still get over his brief time in Motley Crue, John Corabi remains one of the most competent vocalists in this style of music. 

SMILEZ - Right Turn, Left Turn


The Dead Daisies - Make Some Noise




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