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The Derevolutions and the world famous Reviewed

The Derevolutions and the world famous Reviewed

The Derevolutions – I Love This Music

Similar artists: Daft Punk, Gorillaz, The Strokes, The Avalanches, LCD Soundsystem

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Indietronica, Indie Pop

It’s amazing all of the things you can do once you lose friends and are forced to spend time alone. Modern music, for example, is increasingly becoming an example of just how technology and inventiveness can replace unwanted human relationships. There once was a time when, to record a song, you needed a band, a producer, and the budget to make it all happen. Not anymore. 

Blame it all on disco clubs if you must. But back in the 1970s and 80s, songs that people could dance to were so popular that they constantly made money. It no longer made sense to employ an entire band to record a song when one or two people could do it. And blame it on people wanting to dance and have a good time that the hegemony of the guitar, bass and drums setup of a band was broken. 

The Derevolutions’ “I Love This Music” sounds like disco music recorded in somebody’s kitchen. There’s nothing naive about this. If anything, this is a song powered by an almost encyclopedic knowledge of DYI dance music, as well as by a certain naivety. It’s childish, fun, and just goes to show you that you need very little assistance, really, when trying to create something that’s worthwhile. 

the world famous – Lipstick Trick

Similar artists: The Lemonheads, Guided By Voices, Fountains Of Wayne, Weezer

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Some of your favourite songwriters likely approach what they did as work. They drank their coffee in the morning, kissed their girlfriends, took a big sigh and got on with the job that they had to do. Sometimes they did produce pop musical pieces sprinkled with veritable magic. Years later, folks like the world famous, are on hot on their trail, looking for a sip of that familiar wizardry. 

The majority of the great modern songwriters wrote their songs accompanied by guitar or piano and with, at least, a vague hope that they were cutting a pop record. It’s heartbreaking tor read interviews of these artists talking about how they can’t recall coming up with one song from another. It’s hard to hear this, because for a lot of people, hearing these tunes is almost like coming in contact with a divine force. 

the world famous “Lipstick Trick” feels like a journey through the history of guitar pop. The hooks and vocals are as sweet and sensitive as can be. But there’s some muscle powering this and some grit. This is a band that wants to climb as high as their heroes, the likes of The Replacements of Weezer did and see just what the view from up there is really like. “Lipstick Trick” is an indication that they’re on the right path. 

The Derevolutions - I Love This Music


the world famous - Lipstick Trick




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