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Guitar tone of the Apocalypse: The Effens and Black Sonic Pearls reviewed

The Effens and Black Sonic Pearls reviewed

Black Sonic Pearls – Forsaken By Hope

There are few rock fans who truly dislike grunge. Some may not be wholly in tune with the dark philosophy that seemed to govern the writing of the gospel by some of Seattle’s biggest bands. Yet, most agree, that the simple use of Sabbathy riffs and pleasant melodies coupled with a lack of arrogance, returned guitar music to its most vital form, at least for a while. 

However, while for some the distorted power chords of Kurt Cobain and the assembly-line of imitators is a great bedrock for rock compositions, others desire something a tad more complex. Post-grunge sounds, like the ones created by the Russian group Black Sonic Pearls, offer more attention to textures, the quality of production, and, especially, the condition of the playing. 

It certainly works to set a mood and, especially if you are a musician yourself, you will not be able to refrain from admiring Black Sonic Pearls. Forsaken By Hope both in terms of music and the lyrics, is a riddle that doesn’t quite get solved. The walk through the labyrinth of distorted guitars, guttural vocals, and proggish arrangements is a strange, interesting one. 

The Effens – Pavement Age

I’d like to think that the sound of the Apocalypse will be a danceable one. We should at least get stuck with a good groove at the start of End Times. It would be fitting. Modern rock radio, the little that exists, has largely turned its back on the slow, dirgey records that dominated the 90s and 2000s in favour of indie-disco acts. If your bass sound doesn’t swing and your drums sound too natural, you’d better return to your DAW quick, son!

The Effens are one of the bands mixing clever nonchalance with dance grooves. The leather decked rockers all receive an invitation to the dance too courtesy of choruses pumped up mercilessly by distortion pedals. The sound of the Apocalypse will have us shaking our hips and looking menacingly disinterested, for sure. 

Pavement Age is quite the single, hip, powerful, and intent on wasting none of your time. Swinging grooves, arresting vocals and well-timed guitar explosions make this a very well-crafted alt-rock artefact.

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