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Wild souls: The Electric Petals and the Shivas reviewed by Alt77

The Electric Petals and the Shivas reviewed by Alt77

The Shivas – Undone

Genre: Surf Rock, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

Similar artists: La Luz, Nirvana, Black Angels, Shannon & The Clams, DIIV, L.A. Witch, Dead Ghosts, Froth

If you like your modern history kept simple you will have read accounts of the 1960s that proclaim that in the U.S.A. the age belonged to the hippies. These peaceful, blissfully zoned-out agents of goodwill made a big impact, influenced others around the world, and, then, puff, mysteriously vanished. 

The hippies weren’t the only ones scrambling their brains with the intent of seeing the deities. Others were dropping out and tuning in, but had no illusions about wanting to spread peace and harmony around the world. 

That spirit lives in the murky, deep sound of The Shivas. Their recent single Undone is a wonder of modern psych-rock. It glimmers faintly like the Black Angels and twists politely like DIIV. It’s a song that feels like a night stuck inside a club with modern hipsters who’ve had their pills mixed up by their dealer. 

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The Electric Petals – Wild At Heart

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Alternative Rock

Why is it so hard to write a damn hit?” That’s what the executives of the few large record labels still left around to care about such matters. To be fair, leaving their cynicism aside, one can understand why they would feel this way. 

After, they have the hottest songwriters on the payroll and a wealth of past information from which to draw. They’ve got all the stats about trends and fads. And, they wouldn’t still be in business if they didn’t have a history of producing hits. 

Well, the fact is that songwriting, much like comedy, is immensely simple, yet few can pull it off. Writing a great, simple song is a blessing that only a few folks acquire. The Electric Petals have been given such a blessing, who knows whether because of good karma, nice deeds in a previous life, or for having listened to the radio a lot. Wild At Heart is charming, beautiful, and as simple as rock can get. It’s great and the kind of thing that will continue leaving the record execs baffled. 

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