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The Famous Uncle and Short in the Sleeve share their take on modern psychedelic-rock

The Famous Uncle and Short in the Sleeve share their take on modern psychedelic-rock

The Famous Uncle – Clock Keeps Tick Ticking Around

The difficulty with recording and distributing music back in the earliest days of rock n’ roll built a special kind of mystique that only helped virtuoso players. Before you actually had the chance of hearing one of those wonderkids shredding on guitar or tearing it up on drums, you would have, most likely, already have had the opportunity to hear numerous legends of just remarkable these musicians were. They were the fastest guns in town, or at least their fame preceded them.

Things have changed. Just one quick search on YouTube should provide you with enough amazing videos of toddlers performing incredibly complex guitar solos to keep you entertained for weeks on end. There’s an inflation of virtuosos. It’s enough to make you abandon your quest to learn Steve Vai’s greatest hits.

The only solution is to do what The Famous Uncle attempts on Clock Keeps Tick Ticking Around. In this song, weirdness and complexity are married in a strong mix that acts as a platform to be used to spread a clear message about how misinformation and confusion are running and ruining good parts of our lives at the moment. The news is always there, but reality leaves a lot to be imagined. It’s a serious topic that deserves an off-the-wall number like this to shock us into turning our attention towards just where we are going. Truth is becoming the rarest of resources, and this quirky prog-rock number perfectly expresses this.

Short in the Sleeve – Just As Well

Just like a pretty girl with a beautiful smile on a summer’s day, the charms of guitar power-chords never seem to decrease. Music exists in all sorts of strange, beautiful semblances. However, no matter how far its varieties will stray from the original roots, garage rock will always fulfil a fundamental duty. 

It’s music as much as it is fuel. It’s an art form as much as it is a means of survival. There are times when the blues, goth, electronic, or even classical music can accompany a person’s woes. But, when it comes to hopefulness and the pure joy of existing, music made without the help of large-sounding guitars doesn’t feel like something that should be trusted. 

With that in mind, garage/indie-rock unit Short in the Sleeve’s Just as well an exciting and effervescent slice of rock n’ roll. This isn’t rock to get you thinking, but it is rock to get you going. Hipsters might scoff at this all they like, but such thrills are few, far between, and few can produce them. Short in the Sleeve are one of the ones chosen for this. 

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