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Queenly: The Haze and Dacey Collective and New Myths review

The Haze and Dacey Collective and New Myths review

New Myths – Time Bomb

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Garbage, Elastica, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Pretenders

New Myths deliver a retro-oriented pop-rock single with Time Bomb, a song that should soon soundtrack vehicle advertisements the world over. 

Some people look at the pop charts and say “I guess that’s what people are listening to these days. OK!“. Others stare at the same symbols of chart domination and wonder what happened with great, engulfing, powerful singles arresting people’s attention. 

The early 1990s proved a particularly fruitful period for a new generation of power-pop acts. Bands like Garbage and Elastica prioritized cutting-edge production, the charismatic performance of their female vocalists, and big hooks. There was no way to escape their songs in movie soundtracks or advertisements. 

This is what New Myths’ Time Bomb shoots for. New Myths have pop sensibilities, but they also implant some moxie into their pleasant melodies. It’s music that is meant to be played over a video montage of people strutting and displaying their confidence. It’s a sharp, confident pop-rock single. 

The Haze and Dacey Collective – Jezebel’s

Genre: Blues

The Haze and Dacey Collective dig into the USA’s box of myth and dark storytelling for their single Jezebel’s

Reality used to leave a lot to the imagination as John Lennon used to say. But, in a time of uber-reality, there’s nothing left to uncover and, so, nothing left to fantasize about. Around the clock coverage of the news from all areas of the world, as well as the rise of social media have made the present and the future both exist in the same place, at the same time. None of them are too attractive. 

That is, maybe, one of the reasons why blues and folk styles played with the sophistication of an old-time vaudeville and burlesque act, have found a lot of fans. The music of the theatre was also meant to provide glamour and further expand upon the mystery of the stories being told on stage. 

The Haze and Dacey Collective mine their interest for cabaret-style music on Jezebel’s. The vices and proclivity for sin of all types that is often sung about in these styles is explored in the lyrics. More than anything though this is music that has little in common with the modern world. Because of that, it carries a sort of weightlessness. The Haze and Dacey Collective create music for dark, yet warm fantasies. 

New Myths - Time Bomb


The Haze and Dacey Collective - Jezebel's




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