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Changing way for better days: The Head and Rastaíno reviewed

The Head and Rastaíno reviewed

Rastaíno – Doubling My Bets

I’ve entertained a life-long fascination with cults. Or, as most of them are known, religions. I’m not clever enough to present my findings or claims about the legitimacy of these belief-systems. I’m a pretty live and let live kind of guy. 

Still, I’m surprised by the fact that most of these, from the ones with believers across the world to the small and truly eccentric groups, include a large number of restrictions. Usually, these have to do with drugs, sex, and enjoyment of any kind. 

I am not surprised then that reggae, an incredible musical foundation with some firm and rather eccentric spiritual beliefs of its own at its core, would continue to thrive. After all, they endorse all the things mentioned before. 

Rastaíno is a group taking reggae and world music and powering it into the modern era. Its roots meet indie rock of Doubling my bets is a confident tune about themes usually endorsed throughout this style, togetherness, peace, and spiritual unity. 

The Head – Animal

We can’t all be romantic poets, now can we? Well, we can certainly try, but, frankly, not all of us have enough romantic or poetic information we want to share. Most of us, however, have a strong link towards sounds and rhythm. Becoming a musician is more likely than becoming a poet, a job that some would liken to some sort of religious calling. 

In the absence of some sort of revelations delivered through words, the only thing to do is to describe them using sounds. This is what renowned indie-pop group The Head does on their stylish new track Animal

The music is moody and lush. It sounds like the roommate or distant relative of Radiohead, someone that has read the same books and has hung around the same circles. Unlike Mr Yorke, though, his roommate’s ambitions lay in getting notice and success. The Head will certainly add to their success and their fame with the single Animal.

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