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Nothing, not the truth: The Homme and 1st Base Runner review

The Homme and 1st Base Runner review

1st Base Runner – Man Overboard

Genre: Experimental Electronic, Indie Electronic, Dream Pop

Similar artists: Exploded View, Beak, M83, Woodsman, Explosions In The Sky, Radiohead, Air, The Virgin Suicides

1st Base Runner deals with the weight of the words he’s trying to say on the single Man Overboard.

No artist truly sees their struggle as anything other than a monumental task, an epic battle, the tallest hill that anyone has ever tried to climb. Those that pretend that they feel success has come easily, or that failure has been simple to deal with are lying. 

This applies in one way or another to any form of music, from experimental electronica to fun-loving pop-punk. Musicians don’t just write songs because they like the sound of them. They write them in the hopes that these will serve as some kind of testimony to what their life stands for. 

1st Base Runner is no different. Man Overboard, a song that plays like a slow journey underwater, is a song about the pains and struggles with choosing the life of an artist. Here, 1st Base Runner embraces the tenderness of modern electronica in a bid to create a connection to those to which he’s singing. 

The Homme – Silver Lake

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

The Homme task themselves with making indie-rock mysterious once more on the single Silver Lake.

Greta Garbo decided never to speak another word to the public in the latter part of her life Everyone assume she was helping keep some great secret. And, naturally, they asked what it was. When bothered to speak and breathe her oath, the great screen actress, is said to have commented that she merely wished to be left alone. 

Rockstars are just as anxious to have mystery surround their lives and their work. Few would admit it, but being seen in a different light from everyone else is one of the motivating factors in getting people to strap a guitar, or write down their feelings in the first place. And, audiences are just as anxious to preserve the mystery as the musicians themselves. 

The Homme have a knack for finding what really made 2000s era indie-rock tick. Silver Lake feels almost like a journey through the turn of the century guitar music. The rhythm section plays like a British blue-eyed soul unit. The guitar scratches away enough to build a mood. The vocals chime in like a lazy poet before their first cup of coffee of the day. The Homme have figured out what makes modern indie-rock work, and how to make it work for them. 

1st Base Runner - Man Overboard


The Homme - Silver Lake




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