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Deep rain: The Intemperate Sons and Ladat review

The Intemperate Sons and Ladat review

Ladat – Rocking Gnossienne

Genre: Soft Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Swiss artist, Ladat, repackages a familiar ditty in a modern guise on Rocking Gnossienne. 

Music offers a lot of hope. Write a musical phrase good enough (just one) and you can create your own genre. It’s the closest to immortality, bar immortality itself. Classical music composer, Erik Satie, did this with his Gnossiennes. Or, more precisely with the main musical theme of the very first in this collection. 

Lovers of classical music like to believe that they’re above pop music listeners. They’ll talk endlessly about all the time required to truly understand the meaning of the works of a great composer. 

But, everyone knows the work of great composers. They’ve heard them in movies and cartoons. Or, at least they’ve heard the best themes. Just like riffs, those are the best bits. 

Ladat carves apart the best bit of the memorable, haunting Gnossienne theme and does what any self-respecting modern songwriter would do. Ladat reinterprets it, giving it a new shape, a new look, and a familiar tone. The best writers do rewriting. 

The Intemperate Sons – Wall of Glass

Genre: Pop Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

The Intemperate Sons create a powerful, gloomy tone on the garage-rock of Wall of Glass.

There are people who like to hear themselves talk. They make for awful dinner guests. They tend to be avoided by the majority of people. Even their parents don’t much enjoy having them over. 

But, let’s face it, consistent self-reflection and a tendency towards narcissism have a habit of working to the advantage of a person looking to create good art. 

Similar to a motormouth, there are musicians who just want to hear their instruments wail. They’ll tune-up while others speak, encourage hour-long solos, and invest all of their energy into their playing. 

The Intemperate Sons’ Wall of Glass sounds like that kind of tune. It’s a garage-rock number with a good amount of muscle. The band’s passion is clear. It’s also obvious that they’re lost in the moment. So much so, that at times the recording nearly feels ready to break apart. The Intemperate Sons really like to hear themselves play and this may make them a highly compelling band.  

Ladat - Rocking Gnossienne


The Intemperate Sons - Wall of Glass




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