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The Kill Devil Hills and Steakhouse Reviewed

The Kill Devil Hills and Steakhouse Reviewed

The Kill Devil Hills – This Is Karrakatta

Similar artists: The Drones, Gareth Liddiard, Beasts Of Bourbon, Tom Waits, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Genre: Folk rock, Alternative Rock

Everyone’s sick of where they find themselves these days. But it’s not just the people who are stuck in a place that they were born in and who got stuck that are doing the complaining. Take a look at tourists during your next trip and try to look really hard for any other emotion other than frustration. It turns out that people will spend fortunes to travel around the world only to find that they can’t find anything of great importance where they ended up. 

The world can be very underwhelming for whoever isn’t ready to accept its magic. And, for those people, the worst case scenarios that pop into most of our brains from time to time, are absolutely terrifying. “What if nothing really matters, and it’s all over now? Where should I be when that happens?” 

It probably doesn’t much matter if disaster strikes. That’s what The Kill Devil Hills found out when writing “This Is Karrakatta,” a tune that sounds like a morbid football chant written while clapping fists and stomping boots. This is a song of pristine gallows humor, a meditation on life’s meaning, and, if anyone’s ambitious enough, a cheerleader’s chant. 

Rating: 85

Alternative-rock sau indie-rock

Steakhouse – Tantrum!

Similar artists: The Cramps, The Gun Club, The Black Angels

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock

There are some lands that are still amazingly violent. Of course, you’ve heard about some of those on the news and, most likely, you haven’t bothered considered visiting them before they were literally under fire anyhow. But some of the riskiest places you’re bound to visit belong to “first-world countries.” Their citizens like their guns and their happy to tell this to anyone willing to take their chance asking. 

Folks who collect guns for entertainment, surely, must take a similar approach to other aspects of life. Why, there must be times when they’re stuck in a particularly large queue where they think: “Boy, if I only had my gun with me.” They likely think the same thing when they’re in a bank. And, I just bet that matters of the heart, when things go South as they often do, make them take a similar approach. 

Steakhouse are from the U.S. and they take some of that frustration out on the sounds that make up “Tantrum!” With a sound recalling ferocious psychobilly groups and North American psychedelia, Steakhouse are a group that like confrontation and see/hear love as something hideous that you use your fists to guard against. Luckily, those are great qualities to explore when writing rock song. Luckily, all the band can do to us is attack us with their sound.

The Kill Devil Hills - This Is Karrakatta


Steakhouse - Tantrum!




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