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Guitar menace: The Loosies and The Chevaliers reviewed by Alt77

The Loosies and The Chevaliers reviewed by Alt77

The Chevaliers  – The Void

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Elvis Costello, Beck, The Eels, The Dandy Warhols, The Clash, The Lemonheads

Heroic music differs from person to person, I believe. The angry ones out to conquer the world might enjoy Wagnerian-inspired metal songs with the drumming precision of a computer and the soul of one. The active, sporty types like danceable pop music that accompanies invariably all highlights videos of athletes doing great things. 

However, for the clever, but lost, charming, yet hopeless folks who wear glasses, collect records and prize the fleeting moments of hope and excitement it’s guitar-pop that sounds positively heroic. 

The Chevaliers are born out of that tradition and out of sincere love for the works of clever songwriters like Elvis Costello, Joe Strummer, or Evan Dando. The Void is a one-two punch of power-pop that makes getting drunk with your math class and getting in all sorts of trouble on the weekend sound positively appealing. Great track!

Find The Chevaliers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Alt77 Rating for The Chevaliers: B+

The Loosies – Broken Plates

Genre: Alternative Rock, Conscious Hip-Hop

Similar artists: RHCP, Public Enemy, Beastie Boys The Roots, 21 Pilots, Primus, Linkin Park, The Fugees, RATM

The mainstream entertainment system loves to copy a formula once one product has proven to be successful. The system does, however, not endorse the numerous innovative art projects in hopes that some will be successful. It’s a decision based on economic reasoning. 

But, looking back on the past few decades, it’s a strategy that quickly proves unfruitful. In the 1990s, for example, the brand of socially conscious rap-rock pioneered by Rage Against The Machine made the record labels snap up any groups that resembled them. What the public was eventually left with were bands that mimicked the power, but had little of the soul, or creativity of the originals. 

The Loosies are one of the bands that would have easily been an exception to the rule had they been in a similar position. The band makes the kind of socially conscious Hip-Hop that would earn them a music review on the top blogs that favor this style. Broken Plates reveals a clever knack for powerful storytelling, a great use of hard-rock dynamics and an ear for what helps make a single successful. Great glimpse into what this Queens, NY group is capable of creating. 

Find The Loosies on Instagram and TikTok.

Alt77 Rating for The Loosies: B

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