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Reason to believe: The Mango Furs and Bob Marston & the Credible Sources review

The Mango Furs and Bob Marston & the Credible Sources review

Bob Marston & the Credible Sources – So Long

Genre: Americana, Southern Rock / Red Dirt, Classic Rock

Similar artists: The Grateful Dead, Widespread Panic, Wilco

Perhaps, you can tell the true influence of a music genre by how well, or how badly that style has aged. There isn’t a large cry for more 90s space rock. Eurodance had its day. And, dubstep already seems to have happened decades ago. Sure, all those styles earned plenty of success during their heyday. 

Indeed, perhaps, there are genres that are cut from the very foundation of pop music. These are the ones that are harder to ignore even as time drags along. Pop music was, essentially, born out of the blues, out of country, and out of American folk music. Those looking to draw their creative juice from the same spring are in luck. 

Bob Marston & the Credible Sources’ So Long sounds both ancient and everlasting. It’s music written on the conclusive power of well-strummed acoustic guitars and soulful singing about aiming to come out victorious over life’s biggest issues. Bob Marston & the Credible Sources are trying to live up to the reputation of the American classics of modern music. And, since they do a good job, there’s no way that they could sound dated. 

The Mango Furs – Mary Flies Around The Sun

Psychedelic Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: The Strokes, The Velvet Underground, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Nothing But Thieves, Post Animal

The world needs to change for the better. And, it will!”. It’s what many 1960s artists thought. Their optimism and their desire to get involved in optimizing the world only mimicked that of regular people. The worse was behind them and the future could be improved. After all, every one of them could look and hear the voices of the young, brilliant people working towards a brighter future. 

The world could only change for the worse, so it’s better if it doesn’t change at all!”. This statement is a more apt motto for the modern artist. Again, it only reflects what regular people think. The world is a strange, uncertain place. It’s best not to rock the boat. It’s best not to think of anything better. 

Thankfully, the word didn’t get out to one U.S. group. The Mango Furs’ Mary Flies Around The Sun sounds like the work of young hippies who haven’t learned the meaning of pessimism just yet. Their gentle, softly psychedelic mix sounds like music for a world that’s yet to be awoken from its slumber. The world you want might just require you to close your eyes and dream harder. The Mango Furs have a head start. 

Bob Marston & the Credible Sources - So Long


The Mango Furs - Mary Flies Around The Sun




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