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The Manky Melters and Scooped Up! Reviewed

Scooped Up! – Shoelace

Similar artists: blink-182, MxPx, Koyo, New Found Glory, Simple Plan

Genre: Skate Punk, Punk, Pop Punk

You don’t order a double shot of whiskey hoping you’ll stay sober or a double espresso without knocking that you might get the shakes. In fact, you’re likely looking for those things, and the world can judge you all it wants. Good punk rock, whether of a classic brand or poppier, is designed to provide a similar thrill. Scooped Up! They are designed to provide an immediate shot of adrenalin. 

If you’re an adult and not a long-time believer in the benefits of punk rock, then chances are that this does not impress you very much. But it is also likely that you dislike days when you have to walk too far, and getting off the couch too fast makes you dizzy. Just like sports, punk rock isn’t the only important thing in life, but it’s a pretty great thing when you are able to be a part of it. 

The mission of “Shoelace” by Scooped Up! is to achieve balance. On the one hand, this is fast, chaotic rock music, and they want you to know it. But the band would also like you to know that it is perfectly fine to ask them to feature the song in a movie about teenagers or cross-country road trips. “Shoelace” is a fun song that should be part of any “American Pie” remake planned for 2024. 

The Manky Melters – Adrift

Genre: Skate Punk, Punk, Folk

It’s not exactly nice to say that the traditional folk music of one region is superior to another. But, like many of the things in the world, what is fair and what is real are two very separate things. The Manky Melters, a French female-fronted rock group, dive with feverish passion into their musical blend of Celtic punk and pirate music. 

Perhaps it is true that all of us have a bit of Irish blood coursing through our veins. This, of course, is impossible, but you’d have to believe it if you were to admit that, apart from Jamaican reggae, Irish music is the folk sound for which the biggest number of people across the world go crazy. It creates an instant reaction. Pure and simple, it’s rebel music. 

The Manky Melters’ “Adrift” is a Celtic-punk tune that will have to order a refill and, most likely, seeing double. It’s a band that also challenges what this kind of music ought to be. It’s driven by a daring female voice. And it is played by a French group. Well, if that worries you, learn that neither The Pogues were Irish. And, also hear this, and be convinced by the power of music to travel all borders. 

Scooped Up! - Shoelace


The Manky Melters - Adrift




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