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Winter sun: The Mellons and Flying Rabbit review

The Mellons and Flying Rabbit review

Flying Rabbit – Oslo

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Alt Pop

There are few areas in the world that make more convincing, psychedelic, nature-inspired music than the Northern European countries. This is not, as some might believe, a choice but rather a necessity. With so much natural beauty covered by perpetual rain, artists either make due with what they have or pack up and move to Spain. 

The word “atmospheric” gets used a lot when speaking about Nordic music. Again, this is not a coincidence or a well-conceived ploy that all bands from this area participate in. Living in Norway, as well as the Scandinavian countries, is a fine place to develop meditation skills. Frankly, either you settle into this dark, mysterious environment, or you let the endless winters take you down.

Flying Rabbit’s Oslo is a psych-pop ode to one of the most important cities in Scandinavia, a place where beauty and bad weather are bound to dominate any inhabitant’s days from Spring to Winter and back again. The song is built around tender, soft melodies and a colorful, minimalist arrangement, the sort of things that the Nordics have perfected. It’s a classy affair, as is Oslo. If you ever think of visiting, pack a raincoat.

The Mellons – Hello, Sun

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Lo-fi Rock, Indie Rock

Similar artists: Foxygen, Lemon Twigs, Temples, Fur, Electric Looking Glass, Beatles, Beach Boys, The Association

If one day you should wake up and decide to tell people that you have started conversing with God, a few things will happen. Some will call you crazy, and ask that you receive urgent help. Others will become your admirers and even your ardent followers. Both of these things are certainties. 

Having followers is a serious business and one that has long-spreading repercussions. Cults rarely simply disappear. The cult of Brian Wilson, a man who may have had contact with divinity in his attempt to bring some of the glory of heavens into pop music, certainly is a man whose followers are not disappearing. 

The desire to turn the recording studio into a communication vehicle between pop musicians and the angels can be heard in The Mellons’ Hello, Sun. Are this sound and message still of importance in 2022? In an era dominated by overproduced records that sound awful (and not by choice), this is refreshing. It’s an organic, but highly labored sound that, in the right light, may strike you just right. 

Flying Rabbit - Oslo


The Mellons - Hello, Sun




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