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Creative revisions: The Moon Whistlers and Lewca reviewed

The Moon Whistlers and Lewca reviewed

Lewca – Doing My Thing

You can’t expect to make an impression dressed in a drab suit and talking politely to people. There’s an element of peacocking about Rock music that has been lost on recent, more humble, and less fame famished generations. 

Humility is not for Lewca, though, luckily for our entertainment. And, in keeping with the idea that a good song should, like a good pick up line, include a memorable entrance, Doing my thing begins with the quotable “I dance like Travolta with a stroke”. That tells you much of what you need to know about it. 

Doing my thing is a great glossary of sounds belonging to authors that couldn’t but help get themselves noticed. The singing resembles pub-rock, or merely someone holding court in a bar. The production is a mixture of 80s new wave and modern indie-pop. Above everything lingers the air of an artist going on the offensive rather than waiting for the world to fall in love with him.

The Moon Whistlers – Hues in the Dome

Some like their funky wah wah pedal sound loose and danceable. It’s the sound that can make or break a house party. Others like to revel in those strange, engulfing sounds and use them as ammunition for modern trance music.

The Moon Whistlers are that kind of group, architects of psychedelic-rock, assembling their composition from shards of dizzying noise. As with any sleight of hand trick, psych-rock prizes its mystery above all else, and so Hues in the dome is a tune written for those looking to tune out into their own dreamworlds. 

Another thing these psych-funk groups have in common is their desire to ride a groove as far as it will go. In this respect, The Moon Whistlers have a lot in common with 90s stoner icons like Monster Magnet and Clutch. This is not just meditation music. It’s the kind of tune that will please the spiritually inclined, as well as those looking to bang their head a while. 

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