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Broken enough: The Pilot Waves and Langkamer reviewed

The Pilot Waves and Langkamer reviewed

Langkamer – Soul Bucket

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Big Thief, Sam Evian, Built To Spill, Bonny Doon, The Band

The world has never been more boring. This is a shame because it is also falling apart. Somehow, one would’ve assumed the Apocalypse to make for a better television movie. But, cast your glance towards the news being reported. Apart from a few James Bond villain-types, the world’s fresh out of eccentrics. 

This might explain why the music industry’s plea for a new Lennon, Dylan, heck, even, David Crosby would do, remains unanswered. Nobody has anything to say, and they’re hiding the best they can. The entertainment landscape, much like the places from which most stars come, is so banal that the stars’ best bet is to go about unnoticed. 

Langkamer’s Soul Bucket is here to let you know that there are still weirdos knocking about and looking for a home. Some of them forge strange rhymes, make the End of Days sound like a Disney production, and have a great record collection to draw from. But, not a lot of them do. So, you best appreciate Longkamer and the few strange birds like this songwriter. 

The Pilot Waves – Hurt Enough

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Pixies, The Breeders, Nirvana, Built to Spill, Elliott Smith, Kevin Devine, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr

Punk-rock changed the world, but then again it always does. Apart from the terrible name choice, punk didn’t just happen once. It ruined the Queen’s jubilee once! Sure thing! And, there’s nothing quite like that Sex Pistols record. Yes, and, so many people’s lives were changed by The Clash. 

But, punk happens all the time. As long as there is youth culture, there’s bound to be someone looking to knock the door down. Grunge artists (again, a terrible name for a genre), like Kurt Cobain created their own brand of punk. But, even they must’ve hoped that at some point the world would ask them to stop screaming. Once this happened, I’ll bet you hard cash, that even KC would’ve recorded a few Beatles covers as a way to spend his free Sundays. 

The true dream of grunge, of melding punk and the beautiful 1960s melodies, comes alive on The Pilot Waves’ Hurt Enough. It’s hard to know what this stands for. But, it’s also unimportant. Just like watching Neymar dribble ball, just like eating strawberry ice cream, or seeing your dog do tricks, there is something simply heartwarming about The Pilot Waves and their pursuit of heavy-duty power-pop. 

Langkamer - Soul Bucket


The Pilot Waves - Hurt Enough




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