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Times of Trouble: The Pleasure Dome and The Stone Eye Reviewed

The Pleasure Dome and The Stone Eye Reviewed

The Stone Eye – Raindrops

Genre: Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

It might be a stretch to pile on the idea that rock music is filled with much energy. It would not be an exaggeration, however, to suggest that most of the bands making modern guitar music believe in the cliches about dressing all in leather and writing songs about cars and women. And most of that music is an abomination. 

The Stone Eye are one of the guitar bands looking to get in touch with a more mellow, emotional side to their personality. The result sounds mysterious, and it doesn’t quite groove in the way that you might expect it. While we shouldn’t assume that this will become the norm anytime soon, taking chances has been proven to yield great results occasionally. 

The Stone Eye’s “Raindrops” is a song driven by a convincing desert-rock sound together with vocals that suggest a longing for some kind of personal relief. This may bring to mind, of course, the quirky but often sinister sounds of Queens of the Stone Age. Just like that group, The Stone Eye is not a band that operates within the territory they’re most comfortable with or the one in which they’d fit the easiest. 

The Pleasure Dome – Good Luck

Similar artists: Crows, Tramhaus, Public Body, The Byker Grove Fan Club, Hallan

Genre: Punk, Garage Rock, Alternative Rock

Ideally, songs could set up their own stories that happen in universes separate from the ones we’re forced to live in. All of a musical artist’s songs should be different from one another and instantly transport the listener into that secret world. The Pleasure Dome’s theatrical, British cow punk certainly does enough to have you asking questions. 

In truth, of course, even the best bands get to write a handful of good songs. They then proceed to rewrite those for as much as they can. This upsets very few people, surprisingly. In fact, sudden changes are the surest way to get a fanbase angry and turning against the artist that instigated it. 

The Pleasure Dome’s “Good Luck” sounds like the crying of a broken-hearted rodeo clown who has somehow washed up on the shores of Britain. It’s hard to estimate what exactly has brought the character into these circumstances. But the steady, powerful punk-rock backing and the charismatic vocals certainly make “Good Luck” feel just like somebody has sliced open one scene from an interesting movie. It’s up to us, I guess, to figure out the rest. 

The Stone Eye - Raindrops


The Pleasure Dome - Good Luck




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