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The Ram – Everything 

You’re gonna miss having genuine conversations with people once all your friends start replacing their acquaintances with therapy sessions handled by an AI. And, if you become addicted to one of those large, ugly-looking augmented realities, your body is going to miss moving around, smelling the roses, tripping rocks and branches. 

But big companies are pushing those and treating them like their Hail Marys for avoiding bankruptcy. It’s all about getting people to buy the same product over and over again. And it’s even more about cutting costs. 

You know one of the things you’re going to miss most of all? Someone is putting their human hands on a guitar and singing words that they use their human brain to think of. You’re going to miss musicians who are genuinely trying to make a connection with you. 

Before corporations win and a data-collecting device gets planted in your brain, let’s rejoice with natural sounds. That’s what The Ram has been trying to do for a while, and it’s a mission being continued on “Everything.” 

A quick listen to this will, no doubt, reveal a fascination with roots-based rock. But this isn’t necessarily a nostalgia trip. Rather, it is a celebration of nature and of people getting together with musical instruments and finding out how they can work together. 

And, like many of the great classic rock songs, The Ram’s “Everything” is a hero’s journey from loss and anger toward acceptance. “Everything transforms into something beautiful.” It makes as much sense as the groove of any great, classic rock song. There’s wisdom there if you prick your ears hard enough. 

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