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What a life: The Sleds and Des Rocs reviewed by Alt77

The Sleds and Des Rocs reviewed by Alt77

Des Rocs – Imaginary Friends

Genre: Indie Rock, Emo, Alternative Rock

When it comes to the music industry and artists’ success, nothing just happens. I hate to break it to you, and I apologize if this insults your punk-rock ethics. To put it in a different way, even the punk-rockers that decried their platinum-selling good fortune were either faking it or sponging off the back of someone that had made the success happen. 

Quite frankly, while most of us simply take to loving a great song, there’s an incredible amount of plotting and strategizing to make music palatable to the masses. Even Kurt Cobain, a man who ever gloomy gazed at his own fame, had cleverly put together a plan that crystalized in the form of Nevermind, a pop-punk record with plenty of singles. 

Des Rocs is an artist with a clear vision for his career. That vision also has a clear goal and that is a success. Fortunately for us, he is looking to obtain this by utilizing rock’s most sensuous tools. Imaginary Friends has the kind of beats like skilled arms providing a massage and the sort of singing style that could be judged as obscene in countries where skirts can be cut lower than the knee. Takes a will to succeed in this game, and this kid’s got it. 

Find Des Rocs on Instagram.

The Sleds – Stuck

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Hard Rock

Similar artists: Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Pearl Jam

Why do we do this to ourselves? Like a raging alcoholic dragging his feet towards the grave, the modern rock musician finds joy in the gruelling effort of trying to present their work to a world that, often, is cold and uncaring. 

Well, one of the reasons might be that there’s no way to have a truly bad day while playing music, especially if you get to document it. Life is, routinely, hard to evaluate. The people that manage to hold down regular jobs often ask themselves if this year was better than the one before. The rock musician rarely has to do this kind of soul searching. 

Bands can live from one single to another, from one cool pair of shades to the next. New to the bloodsport is the group The Sleds. They may still be wet under the ears, but their enthusiasm is infectious. You can hear it in their grunge-influenced, yet fun single Stuck. Oh, what a life these lads are likely to have ahead of them!

Find The Sleds on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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