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The Sons Of James and TwoMinutesHate Reviewed

The Sons Of James and TwoMinutesHate Reviewed

The Sons Of James – Boswell

On our site, we tend to talk a lot about “alternative rock,” about eccentric musical elements used against conventional thinking and somehow made to fit the format of rock music. But the truth is that rock music as a whole can always work as a substitute for conservative practices. The Sons Of James, with their muscular post-hardcore and pop-punk sounds, work exactly in that way. 

From the sounds to the artwork and even the presentation of the musicians, rock music has always represented an alternative to the stuffy modern art scenes. With it, you don’t need to pretend that a guy in a bad wig painting soup cans is a genius. 

And listening to a song the right way can easily draw you into a trance. You do not need to meditate, do yoga, or to be even vaguely spiritual. Rock music can easily take care of those aspects for you. 

In a similar way, The Sons of James’ “Boswell” is a meditation for courage and strength and takes the shortest route to your heart. It uses crushing distorted guitars against pretty melodies. It sees the benefit in utilising hooks and in getting you to chant along. You can even skip on your meditation practice today!

TwoMinutesHate – Killing Me Softly With This Job

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Genre: Skate Punk, Punk, Pop Punk

Most rock bands want to be relatable. It’s a way to make sure that they’ll sell products after all. Most rock stars, however, choose to write about the blues, all while detailing their car collection, mansion, and the salaries they have to pay for all of their help. With this in mind, TwoMinutesHate’s relatable tale of woes is downright revolutionary. 

The thing about pop music that one should start to dislike is just how condescending most pop songs are. They assume that people ought to make the best of their time. But they don’t consider the fact that most people have to trade in most of the time. They assume that people ought to look on the bright side of life. But they forget that most people fight hard just to stay afloat. In other words, they forget about the remarkable, courageous work that most folks do just to get by. 

TwoMinutesHate’s “Killing Me Softly With This Job” is a fun but serious pop-punk song dedicated to everyone who has done night shifts, worked for the government, or simply could not see a way out of a profession that was murdering them. Most people have gone through this. Most artists, especially rock stars, have not. This, and also the undeniable catchiness of this, make it a tune meant to spark a bit of courage. 

The Sons Of James - Boswell


TwoMinutesHate - Killing Me Softly With This Job




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