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Dark Alley Saints: The Spree and Lorenzo Buhne Reviewed

The Spree and Lorenzo Buhne Reviewed

Lorenzo Buhne – I Can’t See Nothing

Genre: Post-Punk, 80s Rock

Lorenzo Buhne’s music attempts to remodel pop sounds into the author’s own image. 

There’s just something about an old-fashioned pop song. First of all, almost everyone with a working pair of ears has some sort of affection for it. Secondly, and more importantly, only a select few have the ability to write these kinds of songs convincingly. 

It’s not that pop songs are built on top of a complex, impenetrable structure. Quite the opposite. Really, the difficulty in mastering them comes from the fact that they are diaphanous beings. It takes a particular kind of grace to write the sorts of tunes that will get audiences to lose their minds and dance the day away. 

Lorenzo Buhne’s “I Can’t See Nothing” is a song that mixes the quirky, tense sounds of 80s college radio with pure pop pleasures. The chorus hits precisely when it should, and it comes accompanied by great melodies and well-crafted guitar pop. It’s made for any era of the radio. 

The Spree – Forest Ave

Similar artists: The Cure, Arctic Monkeys, Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Killers, Surf Curse

Genre: Post-Punk, Psychedelic Rock, Garage Rock

The rain falls on everyone, but The Spree know enough to make a song out of it and pack it with enough memorable melodies to make their audience glad they did. 

Unlike what Hollywood movies may have tried to teach you, it’s hard to start a band with your mates. Sure, presuming all of you can reasonably play an instrument, you can get together for a few beers and laughs. But what about the songs? You don’t just want to play cover or stick to being an instrumental band. These are the last things that a rock band should resort to. 

No, someone will need to write songs. The first ones can be joke songs about masturbation, getting late to work, or having a fight with your parents. But if you really want to get anywhere, some deeper songs have to be written. Songs about love and heartbreak, devotion and despair, loss and hope. Those are not the kinds of things you can discuss with your friends while giggling over beers. 

The Spree already sound like a highly professional indie-rock unit, as can be observed on “Forest Ave.” Yes, they are powered by a pleasant indie-rock guitar sound, but there’s melancholy dripping from every line laid to tape. This is not an attempt to appease the singer. No, this is a band that knows exactly what they’re doing and where they hope that their bittersweet guitar pop will take them. 

Lorenzo Buhne - I Can't See Nothing


The Spree - Forest Ave




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