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They’d rather not: The War Toys and Bandits on the Run

The War Toys and Bandits on the Run

Bandits on the Run – Radio

Similar artists: The Avett Brothers, Deer Tick

Genre: Indie Folk, Americana, Indie Pop

Bandits on the Run sound like a folk-punk crew that’s decided to take its show to the masses and has poured all of its energy into finding how this sound can translate to the largest of audiences. 

There are many great ideas that come from the most extreme of artists. Sure, they find an audience. Usually, it’s not a large audience. And the artists themselves don’t feel the need to develop their concepts beyond what their core audience already understands and loves. 

Bandits on the Run’s sound is the old bait and switch. “Radio” sounds designed for mass consumption. But, beyond the palatable sound, there’s darkness, hopelessness and even a sense of humour. Bands like Mano Negra or Mischef Brew have worked with similar techniques. Still, never have they benefited from the pristine vocal performance or production that Bandits on the Run are able to utilize here. 

The War Toys – Little Gallows

Similar artists: The Moonjacks, Sad Park, The High Curbs, Archer Oh, Death Lens

Genre: Pop-punk

The War Toys sound like kids who, if they weren’t making sugary songs about the Apocalypse, would be using their energy to rob honest people coming home from work. 

It’s not easy to be a troublemaker these days. Constant surveillance and an endless array of informers populate a kind of Orwellian parody of a world. But it’s even harder to be a troublemaker that ends up using their energy for something constructive. Nobody really cares if you do anything good with yourself. They just don’t want you getting caught doing something illegal. 

The troublemakers, however, make for the best kinds of artists. Maybe it’s because they feel they have little to lose, or perhaps it’s because they don’t feel the need to fit in. 

The War Toys’ “Little Gallows” sounds like music made by folks who are too smart and too sensitive for their own good. It’s a slice of destructo-pop complete with gorgeous melodies and an excellent hook. It’s the kind of song you’ll want to play on repeat once the world has finally ended for good. 

Bandits on the Run - Radio


The War Toys - Little Gallows




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