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THT Cyrus – Mama’s Boy (EP Review)

THT Cyrus - Mama's Boy

THT Cyrus’ “Mama’s Boy” is rap music that aims to cut itself out from convention and deliver honesty and tenderness. 

Rap, rock, or electronica are all affected by typecasting. We think we know what these artists are supposed to sound like, look like, and what they’re supposed to write about. 

Consequently, the record companies push bland, predictable music with the consistency of a Swiss clock. Sadly, this deprives audiences of hearing daring, honest work by new artists. 

Not everyone fits into the narrow, tightly defined definitions of the aforementioned genres. And your music collection is better off because of it. THT Cyrus doesn’t adhere to what the music industry promotes when it comes to the hip-hop world. 

First of all, as the title of the EP “Mama’s Boy” suggests, this is soulful rap. It’s modern rap written as an ode to family.  The four-song collection isn’t meant to be saccharine but as honest as a conversation you may have with one of your closest allies. 

Opener “Mama’s Boy Intro,” makes use of pitch-shifted samples and vintage drum sounds. But the focus is on the lyrics. This is a delicate letter to a parent’s love. It might not be the typical rap song topic, but it’s the kind of comfort that listeners may also need. 

“Yes” is an affirmation built on top of cheerful piano lines. It’s a rap about overcoming the odds and honoring your ancestry and culture. 

“From the Top” is the most modern-sounding addition to the EP. It includes a highly-production vocal tune and THT Cyrus’ stories about working hard to constantly overcome the odds. 

Finally, the EP’s closer “Heal” inevitably brings the story back to where it all began offering gratitude and looking for a way forward. As he does throughout the album, the rapper relies on his experiences to tell these tales. 

THT Cyrus - Mama's Boy

“Mama’s Boy” is an atypical release. It’s not a party rap record, as you can hear many nowadays. Its songs are filled with gratitude and honesty. When examined closely, these things can be far more powerful than diamonds or gold. 

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