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Tied Heart and Space Dudes reviewed

Tied Heart and Space Dudes reviewed

Tied Heart  – Artificial Light (In for the Night)

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Radiohead, Foals

Rock songs are usually really good at showing us what we usually already see. Or, if they’re even more clever, rock stars show us what most of us want to see. Action, romance, thrills and excitement, monster truck flips. 

There are few groups that write songs in the same way that a show like Seinfeld was written. There are no rock shows about nothing in rock music. In fact, the further we push through the years, the more entertainment feels obliged to provide drama, realism and a sense of urgency in the way that it presents itself. 

What happens to all the smart people that simply have to take the garbage out, or make soup for their ill spouse? What happens to the ones that are spared the drama and anxiety of the world? They don’t start post-punk groups and migrate to Berlin, sure. But, what next?

Tied Heart believe this is well worth documenting as well. Artificial Light (In for the Night) is composed as if all the sounds and the tiny events in a complex building have been poured into a musical number. It’s reminiscent of David Byrne’s songwriting methods. Tied Heart look in awe at the ordinary. And, beauty is often where you forget to look. 

Space Dudes – Freaks on the Scene

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Alternative Hip-Hop, Lo-fi Rock

Similar artists: Bill Callahan, Silver Jews, Courtney Barnett, Leonard Cohen

As a longtime music fan your life can’t help but intersect that of strange, quirky artists. Of course, this only happens briefly. Naturally, as a listener, you are merely exposed to their work. One shouldn’t feel any sense of responsibility. After all, at best you are a supporter of someone else’s work. 

However, it doesn’t always work that way. Some of the greatest artists are able to open a door into their world. Many of their honest to a tee. The majority of them display tremendous traits of intelligence. I don’t worry much about the knuckleheads. They seem to manage. The smart ones though…

Space Dudes, regardless of their moniker, are very clever. Freaks on the Scene is a really cool attempt at rap over indie-rock instrumentation. It certainly doesn’t sound like the first time they’ve written a tune. It’s fun, and strange. And, if you like the groove that Space Dudes are kicking, it’s hard not to hope, or feel some concern, about them finding their way. 

Tied Heart  - Artificial Light (In for the Night)


Space Dudes - Freaks on the Scene




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