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The daily parade: Trademark Issues and Carousel Kings ft. Paycheck reviewed

Trademark Issues and Carousel Kings ft. Paycheck reviewed

Carousel Kings ft. Paycheck – Something in the Water

Genre: Punk, Pop Punk

We are missing out on great new tunes every day because great artists tend to doubt their own potential. I am sure that even the most outstanding songwriters have not had one day in their career when they felt that they did a better job. Many wait for these days to come, and, often, they never do. 

Rock music represents a lot of things. Most of all, it reflects the idea that great moments need to be captured when they arrive. The greatest idea that you will ever think up may come to you at this very instant. Are you ready for it? Or, will you just not reach for that pen and paper believing that something better is bound to come to you tomorrow?

Carousel Kings ft. Paycheck’s Something in the Water is a song built around an idea that the band would simply not let waste away. Your best plans are often the first that you manage to cook up in your mind, and this song is no different. The energy of the performance and the enthusiasm of the band is a perfect reminder of this. Pop-punk involves swinging for the rafters every time that you get to play, and this is what Carousel Kings do here. 

Trademark Issues – That Being Said

Genre: Alternative Rock, Alt Pop

Modern rock music has finally, full-heartedly adhered to the Grand Coalition of Pop. It’s a long time coming. And although looking back, it all seems somewhat inevitable that this would happen, it is still quite a fantastic thing to consider. This mutation occurred slowly, of course, but now that it has reached this point, there is no reason why rockers wouldn’t aim for the pop charts. 

This would have been unthinkable only a few decades earlier. After all, being a rocker was not just a preference for one style of music over another. It was a way to identify yourself with a group of people and, perhaps, more importantly, to separate yourself from others. 

Modern indie-rock has no qualms about wanting to guide people toward the dance floor. Trademark IssuesThat being said is a perfect example of modern rockers’ love of pop hooks and sweet production. This is a song where the guitars and punchy rhythms are undoubtedly audible. But, it is certainly not a tune that will annoy your girlfriend, high school teacher, or grandma. It’s a time when rockers don’t feel the need to represent the elite anymore. Maybe this is the dancefloor invitation that we’ve been looking for. 

Carousel Kings ft. Paycheck - Something in the Water


Trademark Issues - That Being Said




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