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Made you look: Strange Weather and The Tranzistorz

trange Weather and The Tranzistorz

The Tranzistorz – Кислород

Similar artists: IDLES, The Hives, SOFT PLAY, Петля Пристрастия

Genre: Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Garage Rock

The Tranzistorz are looking to make you shake, rattle and roll. And if they achieve anything more or less than that, they won’t feel they’ve done their job. 

Record labels are always seeking up trends. Musical artists are always looking to imbue their tunes with the latest, trendy sounds. And, of course, music producers are, practically trend merchants. None of these strategies are conducive to a very long career. But, hey, at least it pays for the gas. 

We can debate all day about what the best modern music genre is. The fact is that all but one will day disappear. All music genres, except for one, are the beneficiaries of trends in fashion. The one music genre that will exist as long as we have electricity to power up our amps and loudspeakers is garage rock, the purest form of music. 

The Tranzistorz understand that great garage rock is meant to sound like a double shot of espresso poured into your ear canals. That’s exactly what they do on “Кислород.” Echoing The Hives echoing the Sonics, The Tranzistorz are a riot. This is music meant to drive you screaming out of any malaise or depression. 

Strange Weather – Fred Astaire

Similar artists: Arcade Fire, Foals, LCD Soundsystem, Vampire Weekend, Talking Heads

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Flamboyant and determined to catch your eye, Strange Weather believes a performer should use every opportunity to get themselves noticed and talked about. 

Reading the biographies of the world’s most famous performers, I couldn’t help but notice most of them had something in common. The majority of them are plagued by shyness. No, that does not make them want to roll into a ball and cry themselves to sleep. And no, it has no effect on the way that they perform on stage. 

Instead, their shyness makes them want to connect with as many people as possible. It also means that if given a stage and the right ambiance, from Freddie Mercury, and Jimi Hendrix to Elton John, they don’t believe in being low-key or subtle. 

Camp, colorful and determined to make a splash, Strange Weather’s “Fred Astaire” retro-extravagance with an indie-pop hook. Is it over the top? It’s designed to be. Does it have the same jazz and swing as Fred Astaire? Sure. It’s a performance for people that feel that they need a bit more than just kids wearing jeans and sulking on stage. 

The Tranzistorz - Кислород


Strange Weather - Fred Astaire




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