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Connect yourself to the future: Twin Dive and Esprit D’Air reviewed

Ali Horn and Badsoma reviewed by Alt77

Esprit D’Air – 津波

Genre: Progressive Metal / Djent, Metalcore, Electronicore

Similar artists: Architects, Dir en grey, Babymetal

The people that really manage to move the needle in the music industry are those that benefit from the support of truly excited, lifelong fans. Now, those supporters are harder to come by regardless of the fact that music itself has grown to be viewed as a utility just like running water or heat. 

Years on from the creation of the first modern pop groups, Japan has remained a place in itself. The approach, work ethic and style of Japanese artists is beyond comparison to anything else. The cold, fantasy soundscapes of musicians of the Nippon, combined with their willingness to consistently release new material, help create communities of extraordinarily devoted fans all over the world. 

This is true for Esprit D’Air. The modern prog-rock sensibilities, glam-rock imagery and carefully crafted mythology have made Kai of Esprit D’Air a bonafide international star. 津波 is a clear snapshot of a unique music scene where Slayer, Evanescence or Tom Waits can be quoted within one breath and without any complaints from fans. 

Twin Dive – YGI (You Got It)

Genre: Shoegaze, Pop Rock, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Nirvana, The Libertines, Kings of Leon, Oasis, IDLES

What folks like the ones that used to play in Oasis or The Libertines proved was that lads who had seemingly spent the last three days inside a pub, smoking their voices to shreds, could play guitars, dig through the Beatles’ pockets for melodies and score genuine hits. 

And, I mean genuine hits. Try going to a football game in England and not have one of these indie-rock jingles ringing from the terraces. It’s usually Wonderwall, to be sure. Still, there’s something about singing like John Lennon yelling after a taxi cab that is marvellously inspiring. 

Twin Dive get it. They are one of the many bands vying for that stadium rock crown. Fittingly, their new single is called YGI (You Got It). It’s Oasis if Noel Gallagher had decided to both make his band poppier and sound more like modern punk. Play this a few times and you may soon be singing it from the terraces of your own football ground. 

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