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Change your mind: Uèle Lamore and Elsewhere | New alternative music reviewed

Uèle Lamore and Elsewhere

Elsewhere – Life…is a Fraction: VIII. Reflection

Similar artists: Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Killers, Yes, The Buggles, ELP, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Did people use to pay more attention to modern music? Were they more focused? Sure they did! If this weren’t true, try explaining the success of prog-rock. 

At one point, prog-rock bands ruled the world. They played in filled-out football stadiums. Their records, usually double or triple albums, sold millions across the world. They were, yes, a pretty big deal!

The typical length of a respectable prog-rock song had to exceed 6-7 minutes. This might sound positively insane to a modern record exec. Their focus, at the moment, is to push 30-second soundbites onto TikTok as a means to sell records. 

You can understand how Elsewhere is taking a big risk. Life…is a Fraction: VIII. Reflection follows in the classic prog-rock tradition of creating songs that fit into a larger work, like pieces in a jigsaw. Don’t let that intimidate you. It’s a song that also flows as smoothly as a pop tune. 

Uèle Lamore – Two Equals Three

Similar artists: Stereolab, Cocteau Twins, Lush

Genre: Shoegaze, Indie Rock, Dream Pop

It’s surprising that more doctors don’t prescribe music to their patients. “Listen to this for at least two hours every day, and see me in two weeks.” While I am not a registered physician, I’m confident it would do good in many cases. 

Powerful medicines often come with a long list of possible side effects. It’s not uncommon for those using them to experience mind-altering mood swings. Sadly, it’s not uncommon for terrible things to have because of this. 

It’s very rare to hear about people losing their minds from listening to the wrong music for too long. Not really! Sure, music has been blamed for affecting behavior in the long run. But, if that’s true, maybe we should learn to harness its potential. 

Uèle Lamore’s Two Equals Three is a song designed to play with your mind. It’s made to confuse it. But, drawing the listener’s attention fully, it also has the potential to change it. Could this be therapeutic music? Take the time to really see if it can work, and you tell me. 

Elsewhere - a Fraction: VIII. Reflection


Uèle Lamore - Two Equals Th




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