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Commercial therapy: Under The Rug and Frogs Show Mercy reviewed

Under The Rug and Frogs Show Mercy reviewed

Frogs Show Mercy – Animal Crossing

Similar artists: American Football, Modern Baseball, Mom Jeans, Dismemberment Plan, Title Fight, BADBADNOTGOOD

Genre: Lo-fi Rock, Emo, Alternative Rock

The problem with coming up with popular new music is that someone needs to compare it with old music. This is how record labels usually sell records, merchandise, etc. Everything is a hybrid of something that people may have heard. 

There aren’t many notes with which a musician from the Western world can work. The records that they heard are likely the same as everybody else’s. And, of course, the posters that adorned the walls of their bedrooms might be of familiar rock stars. 

But there are some artists that are still willing to throw themselves into deep waters.  They then face the hard task of keeping afloat. Still, if they are to remain honest with their vision, there’s no other way. 

Frogs Show Mercy’s Animal Crossing sounds like artists taking part in a collective therapy session. What they create is unique to their vision and their issues. Musically, this is an emotional, slow-burning kind of emo-rock. It’s hard to relate, but not difficult to admire their work.  

Under The Rug – Lonesome & Mad

Similar artists: The Lone Bellow, Fruit Bats, Nathaniel Rateliff, Langhorne Slim

Genre: Indie Folk, Americana, Indie Rock

In the age of TikTok and microcontent, nobody wants songs without some kind of context. It doesn’t necessarily have to be appropriate context. But, music, in order to reach people, needs to accompany some other type of entertainment. 

This is why musicians’ biographies are more important than ever. It’s why the content of their bios is modified to sound more glamorous or more troubling. Having a story is a great way to set the scene. 

But what about potential fans that come to your music for the first time? In this case, visuals could play a vital role; furthermore, if the music sounds in a way that is likely highly familiar to those potential fans, the better. 

Under The Rug’s Lonesome & Mad is a highly-professional folk performance. The video features memorable, humorous visuals. It will ring out like the soundtrack to your favorite television series, whichever one that is. It’s well-calibrated for commercial success. It’s something that this voice does deserve. 

Frogs Show Mercy - Animal Crossing


Under The Rug - Lonesome & Mad




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