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Chuckle shuffle: University Drive and Dolorifics review

University Drive and Dolorifics review

Dolorifics – Nothing Left to Dream

Genre: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr, Broder Daniel, The Beatles

Dolorifics create alternative-rock worth taking a leap of faith on with their single Nothing Left to Dream.

Some people get a tattoo all over their face to make sure that nobody will wish to hire them. Others start a rock n’ roll band and decide to take their work seriously. It works much in the same way. Rock music maims you for life. 

It’s the equivalent of someone with an army of beggars mutilating them for life before sending them out on the streets. Some days are better than others, sure, but the overall result is hardly anything to write home about. 

Dolorifics sounds like that kind of band.  Nothing Left to Dream finds them trading blows with imaginary enemies as they dream about an existence far away from the pull the dangerous pull of music. The band members confess to having already wasted away a fortune on this hobby. But, it’s probably nothing worth crying about. They’re Swedish and should be able to afford it and retire early too. 

University Drive – Carry It

Genre: Emo, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Thrice, Title Fight, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World, Turnover, Basement, Taking Back Sunday

University Drive aim for complete honesty on their pop-punk single Carry It

It’s hard to make anything nowadays and not attempt to sell it by using social media. It’s not like using these tools will guarantee you success. It’s just that refusal to use them, almost certainly, will guarantee failure. 

Punk-rock, in its original form, was everything that social media can’t be. For one thing, it was honest and celebrated individuality. Real people and their quirks were made to feel special for being themselves. 

Secondly, it required that you be present. Punk-rock shows were attended by dozens of people. It was their stories and their bootlegs that carried the genre into the future, all those years later. 

University Drive come from a similar school of thought on their single Carry It. They’re a pop-punk band that aims to tell their side of the story and make you want to be there to get the full picture. 

Dolorifics - Nothing Left to Dream


University Drive - Carry It




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