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Alive and unplugged – Indie folk reviews – August 2020

PORTS Reading in the dark review indie rock 2020 indie folk new music

PORTS – Reading in the dark

Reading in the dark is intellectual folk. While the undersized, but driving bass along with the glittery production are all modern components, the general theme is one that is typical of this genre. The singer yearns for a simple life, isolation through art, and a new connection with nature. It’s a kind of star-eyed Crosby, Stills, and Nash, with just as much vocal nectar as the classic trio.

Alice Bloom – California Dream

Most of USA’s musical capitals are viewed in an almost holy glow. NYC is the place where punk rock happened. Even if the punks weren’t exactly welcome in 1977, they are part of folklore. Seattle garage rockers could barely scrape enough to make a record, but the city’s grunge scene is seen, in retrospect, as having been extremely vibrant.

California, with its sun-drenched folk, is another of these mythical lands. The folk duo Alice Bloom inhabits this place where it’s always half past noon, songwriters are never without a pen & paper, and dreams are soaked under perfect waves.

Denizen – Virginia

Thousands upon thousands of songs get written every week! Doesn’t it make you sad that we’ll never get to hear most of this music? On first listen, Denizen are an indie-country unit like many others. But, what sets them apart from most groups, and links them to some of the genre’s best, is their ability to craft a very good tune. The vocals, the production, the keys, the hooks, may well be something you’ve heard before, but you’re unlikely to have caught someone mix these elements so well in a while.

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