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What a six-string can do: uppergaff and OIL review

uppergaff and OIL review

OIL – Life Doesn’t Do (live)

Genre: Hard Rock, Classic Rock, 80s Rock

OIL attempt to break down classic hard-rock to its most basic elements on Life Doesn’t Do.

The greatest professionals are the ones that can do simple things consistently. The comic who can write 100 good jokes a day. The athlete that always seems to deliver above-average performance. The songwriter has the good taste to pick out only the best elements for their music. 

It’s no surprise that many of the greatest bands tend to want to grow their sound. For this, oftentimes, to employ more personnel. Punk bands that taste platinum success will often end up with a dozen people on stage, playing the Las Vegas stages. 

OIL seem to promise that there’ll be no such thing for them. The duo rocks like Deep Purple in the 70s, but with less than half the people involved. Life Doesn’t Do sees them cherry-pick what they must believe are the greatest hard rock ideas that they can come up with. Focusing on the essentials is not easy, but OIL manage this on this is live single. 

uppergaff – All The Giants Are Gone

Genre: Post-Metal, Doom Metal / Sludge, Post Rock

Similar artists: Long Distance Calling, God is an Astronaut, Syberia

uppergaff shape an impressionistic wonderland on the single All The Giants Are Gone.

2001: A Space Odyssey is regarded today as a cinematic wonder. One of Stanley Kubrick’s greatest films, 2001 is dissected for meaning and inspiration by critics and fans of cinema. It’s a film that has shaped the past generations of filmmakers. It’s a film that will create a new generation of filmmakers. 

But, according to popular lore, many of the tickets sold on the initial run of the movie weren’t from would-be film critics. Hippies bought them. Hippies loved the movie. Starring in a daze at the last half hour of the film opened lysergically-challenged synapses like few other things. 

In many ways, uppergaff’s All The Giants Are Gone reminds me of that. Frankly, the best post-punk reminds me of that. This is music meant to stun and bewilder. uppergaff makes beautiful music for people who love colours and hate conversations. 

OIL - Life Doesn't Do (live)


uppergaff - All The Giants Are Gone




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